70 Mile Yard Sale

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The 20th Annual 70 Mile Yard Sale

Sept 23 and 24, 2017

Every September, thousands of treasure hunters flock to SE Prince Edward Island in search of that elusive gem or a “steal of a deal!”

With over 350 sites along the coastal and back roads in private homes, community halls, church yards, and small businesses, we guarantee there’ll be antiques, collectibles, household items, fashion items, children’s toys, sports equipment, and probably a kitchen sink or two.  

Here’s the deal for vendors: registration for vendors on sites out and about (around the country side) starts in July;  these registrants receive a kit just before the Yard Sale with an identifying sign that correlates with a map that is published in a booklet.    Find info and the forms under the 70 Mile Yard Sale tab. 

Registration for the community multi-vendor site right here at Wood Islands has already started.  Look under the 70 Mile Yard Sale (Registration Wood Islands Welcome Centre) for the Site Plan, registration forms and payment options.

And NEW FEATURE last year:  Buyers’ and Sellers’ LINE ITEMS at $ 20 each item listed  separately in our official Booklet that goes out to 12000 (in print) and tens of thousands (on-line.)  Line items are limited to 100 characters including spaces and contact info.  Be concise!  Designed for people who have a one-of-a-kind, special, rare, large, or pricey item to list but do not want to go to the trouble of hosting a yard sale.  Not necessarily yard sale pricing!  Examples of items for sale might be: a tractor, an art piece, or a cabin to move. Examples of items to buy: pieces to complete your inherited china, a car needed for a commuting student, or something for which you have been searching and searching or collect. Forms available at the usual places: Wood Islands Commissary and Liquor Store; Coopers in Eldon; The Store in Belle River; Lady Slipper Café in Montague; and the Farm Centre bulletin board in Charlottetown.

We gather up all of the information from registrants, and in early September, we print off “thee” Official Booklet with a map that shows you where to find vendors for 2017.  This booklet is available in the Eastern Graphic (local weekly newspaper and our very special sponsor);  specific PEI Visitor Information Centres; and at some local businesses — The Wood Islands Commissary and Liquor Store; The Store (Belle River); Cooper’s Red and White Store (Eldon);  The Lady Slipper Café (Montague);  Montague Esso and Miller’s Esso in Murray River.    It is also available in the Northumberland Ferry (Yay!  Another great sponsor!); and you can download the booklet here, once we have printed it in early September 2017 — no sooner, of course!   (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to access this file.  If you do not have this program, you can always download from Adobe’s Website (click on this link –http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/.)

Late registrants pay half price and, you will understand, do not get in “thee booklet.” They do, however, get a “kit” identifying them as a legitimate vendor registered with us.  Why do we care about “legitimate” vendors?  Well, we are a Not-For-Profit community organization that calls on our small stable of volunteers to work crazily — to the September moon and back–and all we gain is the registration fee for our efforts.  So, please, do the right thing and sign up, make payment, and know you can sleep at night.  A couple years ago–true story, we had a lovely lady from Stanhope who mailed us a registration fee: she isn’t in our area, she knew she wouldn’t be in the booklet, but she was having a yard sale, did not want to be a free rider, and wanted to acknowledge our community spirit.  Restores your faith in humanity, doesn’t it?

We at the Wood Islands and Area Development Corporation appreciate all of the support we have received over the years.  All monies go to support our local initiatives including employment and community activities.

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